Keep “Old Manifest” to allow easily cut and paste of applicants and VEs out of ET into a spreadsheet

I use the Old Manifest to populate my spreadsheets for my exams. I add all the VEs who have RSVPed to ET. Then go to the Old Manifest and copy/paste the VEs into a sheet. I copy the applicants into another sheet in the same work book. Those become the base for my session spreadsheet. Cut and paste from the browser works well and is quick. Download/export something, then open the PDF/file isn’t nearly as easy. As VEs crash my party, I can add them to the ET manifest and then pop over to Old Manifest to grab the VE info and pop it into my spreadsheet. I use the session stats to populate the expense report. Maybe the old manifest could be retained with a new title and purpose? Since I am using pieces of it for things, it need not be one page, but could be three different pages. Maybe something like quick view VE list, applicant list, or session stats.

Under consideration Suggested by: Heather KM6ZQB Upvoted: 06 Jan, '21 Comments: 7

Comments: 7

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