Add REST API session management capability

It would be ideal to have RESTful API access to create/manage sessions. In particular I'm thinking about writing some tools to help session owners/co-owners with workload of managing sessions.

For example, if a VEC or session owner has their own tool to sign VEs up to work a session that tool could auto-add the VEs to the session in ExamTools. Similarly, another tool could add applicants to a session if a VEC or VE team wanted to run their own registration.

Related would be webhook support for notifications to other tools about applicant sign-ups for a session through hamstudy and notification of completed candidates and finalized candidates.

The idea here is to build custom session management tools which can tie together various things like sign-ups and the Google docs spreadsheets which many GLAARG session managers use to coordinate sessions and make their job much easier.

Under consideration Suggested by: Ben Franske - K0BEN Upvoted: 22 Jan, '21 Comments: 0

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